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Meet The Team

Randy WEIT SHIRT.jpg
Mr. Bennett

As the CEO & founder of W.E.I.T. Media, Randall Bennett is the backbone of  W.E.I.T. Media; although he would say it's his team.  

Bennett was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where he attended the Cincinnati School of Creative and Performing Arts before he graduated from Withrow High School. He then earned his associate degree in Physical Education from the College of Sequoia’s before completing his bachelor’s degree from Gardner Webb University of North Carolina in sports management. For several years Bennett played professional football in Europe before returning to America, beginning a career in education. He has served as a sports coach, teacher and mentor to many for over 15 years. His experience serving in his community and working with children of all ages inspired him to found W.E.I.T. Media Company. He has brought that energy into the company to bring together talent and foster ideas encouraging creators to do whatever it takes to achieve their ambitions.


Asia Harris earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English Arts from Hampton University. Her passion for writing after college led her to the Cincinnati Herald newspaper where she served as an Editorial Assistant covering local stories and events. Harris has co-written several short films and one independent feature, all produced locally. She is also a host on the weekend radio talk show on the Buzz 101.5 in Cincinnati, Oh. W.E.I.T. Media allows her the opportunity to fuel her own dreams, collaborate with other creators, entrepreneurs and fulfill a need to share artistic expression.


Meet Adam, our accomplished Lead Media Editor. With over two decades of experience in the media world, he boasts a diverse range of skills, including DJing, photography, videography, audio engineering, voice acting, and editing. His passion for the industry is palpable, and he takes pride in bringing his creative vision to fruition. Whether he's behind the camera or in the editing room, Adam is dedicated to crafting high-quality content that captivates audiences.


Greetings, I'm Jevon, but you can call me Von. As a seasoned videographer and photographer, I've honed my skills in the field for nearly three years. My passion for creativity fuels my desire to pursue this career path full-time. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the ability to immortalize special moments and bring joy to my clients through my work. With a commitment to positive energy, I always strive to promote good vibes in every project I undertake.

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